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Undisputed master of the art market, Jeff Koons is neither more nor less than the most expensive living artist in the world. Born in 1955 in York in the United States, he is famous for his giant sculptures, his paintings, as well as his talent for provocation.

He studied at the Fine Arts of Baltimore in Chicago, but it is in finance that he will begin his career as a broker on Wall Street in commodities. Jeff Koons will succeed in combining his talents on the stock market and his passion for art by becoming himself the best investment of the 20th century.

Jeff Koons will be particularly marked by the advertising iconography and American pop art of the 1980s. Consumer objects and everyday utensils will gain in added value in his hands. He will take up the principle of Marcel Duchamp's “ready-made” and raise them to the status of a work of art, starting with vacuum cleaners or basketballs.

Particularly fond of kitsch, Jeff Koons will excessively exploit this vein and conquer collectors around the world. He uses the icons of popular culture labeled USA to add them to this aesthetic. Michael Jackson then freezes in a white and gold porcelain, Popeye rutile like a stainless steel balloon and the Hulk inflates with air in anger.

Jeff Koons' fame and work both took a turn in 1991, when the artist married pornographic actress Ilona Anna Staller, also known as Cicciolina. Together, they produced the sulphurous work “Made In Heaven”, where the couple takes the stage and plays on eroticism and more so ambiguity. It is an absolute media success which makes it possible to increase the reputation and the coast of Jeff Koons.

His works are now made by artisans in a workshop in Chelsea, near New York, under his direction, a process which in turn makes the artist talk. In addition to being the favorite of billionaires, Jeff Koons is also exhibited around the world. We will especially remember his royal entry to the Palace of Versailles in 2008 accompanied by his Balloon Dogs and his Inflatable Rabbit, not to mention his retrospective at the Center Pompidou in 2014.

His work Balloon Dog, in orange (there are several different colors, including magenta and blue) was auctioned in 2013 by the Christie's agency in New York and was sold for the sum of 58.4 million dollars. . This historic sale made this sculpture the most expensive work by a living artist.

David Gerstein is a contemporary painter born in 1944 in Jerusalem.

A true globetrotter of universities and bulimic for studies, David Gerstein trained in art in schools all over the world. First in Jerusalem, David Gerstein studied at the Bezalel Academy, before flying to Paris to study at the Beaux-Arts in 1960. Two years later, it was in New York that he perfected his training at the Art Student League. Three internationally recognized schools, but yet David Gerstein does not stop there. He participated in the Biennial of Printing in Florence in 1972 and graduated from St Martin's School Of Art in London in 1974.

He feeds as much on his art classes as on the culture of his adopted cities. Dynamic metropolises that allow a global open-mindedness. His experience allows him to be comfortable with all media. Engraving, sculpture and drawing have no secrets for him, without forgetting the mural and monumental creations. In the early hours of his career, David Gerstein decided to become a children's cartoonist, a vocation which was honored with the illustration prize from the Israel Museum.

The artist will be driven by the desire to break the boundary between street art and museum art. His works must appeal to everyone, both to professionals in the artistic milieu and to neophytes. For this, he uses a resounding pop spirit, jovial colors, echoing nature, and a figurative style. He depicts playful scenes of life, bathed in movement. A frantic pace that allows us to denounce our current lifestyles but it is also a way to animate his works. He keeps a benevolent eye on his models and does not fail to sprinkle his creations with a touch of humor.

In 1980, David Gerstein produced "sculpted figures". His latest are made from cut steel. A practice that allows him to go beyond sculpture and three-dimensional painting. Seeing the big picture, it is also he who will be at the origin of the highest public sculpture in Singapore, "Momentum".


Finally, David Gertein will embark on a project that aims to reach as many people as possible. The principle, to produce a multitude of works in limited series and at a reduced price. An additional approach that allows him to make art accessible.

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